Make Urinals Great Again

Drain The Swamp In Trump’s Mouth

Are you sick of seeing women, African Americans, Latinos, Muslims, LGBTQ people, the free press, reality, ethics, and the rest of the world shit on by Donald Trump? Well, now you can take a stand and piss on his face, thanks to the Donald Trump Kompro-mat. Apparently he likes that kind of thing.


For Your Business

The Kompro-mat fits any standard-size urinal. It’s perfect for bars, offices, restaurants, coffee shops, clubs, venues, locker rooms, or anywhere men urinate. Buy a pack for your business and show Donald Trump who’s boss!

For The Activist

A single Kompro-mat fits in your back pocket. Buy a pack and reverse-shoplift them into public restrooms, the toilets of Trump properties, or the urinals of companies that have supported Donald Trump’s toxic rise.

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10% of proceeds are donated to RAINN

U.S. shipping only, contact us for international orders

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  • Full-Color, Horrific Image
  • Poetically Made In China
  • Lemon Scented

Donald Trump has taken American politics into the toilet. Let’s meet him there. With every Kompro-mat sold, we’ll fight against the rape culture Trump and his supporters continue to rationalize by donating 10% of proceeds to RAINN, the nation’s largest anti-sexual violence organization.

As if you needed a reason to piss on Donald Trump's face.